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    I Have A Good Relationship with My Neighbour – Do I Need the Party Wall Act?

    Shore received a call from ‘Mrs Jones’ last week.

    “Hi Jason, I want to build a simple rear extension next month. I have spoken to my neighbour and they are happy with my plans. My architect mentioned something about the Party Wall Act – do I actually need this if my neighbours are happy?”

    We can’t tell you how many times we are asked this – but it’s a perfectly normal question to ask.

    Relationships with your next-door neighbours are typically strong before building works commence next door. This relationship however may become strained once builders arrive on site, parking is restricted, and dust and noise is apparent throughout the day. It would be to your advantage and in accordance with the Party Wall Act to commence procedures and resolve any future disputes before they arise. As the Act forms part of UK legislation, there is a legal obligation to ensure the Party Wall Act is fully complied with.

    We always advise that if your neighbour is happy to consent verbally there should be no problems formally consenting in writing via a party wall notice.

    To start the party wall process you will need to serve a party wall notice. A party wall notice outlines the proposed works that apply under the Party Wall Act (with all the legal jargon) and this is served on your neighbour with a reply form.

    Your neighbour will have an option to consent to the notice within 14 days without the need to appoint a surveyor.

    Shore serve party wall notices free of charge which includes a simple tick box for the neighbour to consent to the works, sign and return.

    Fortunately, ‘Mrs Jones’s’ project did run smoothly, evidently party wall notice was served, and her neighbour duly consented without any problems & or party wall fees!

    Follow Shore’s blog for further insight into a day in the life of a party wall surveyor and for useful information in relation to the Party Wall Act.


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