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    Complaints, Compliments and Comments

    Shore is committed to providing high-quality services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We therefore encourage feedback from our clients and other stakeholders, and we value the contribution it makes in helping us to continually improve our services.

    Whether the feedback is positive or not, we take it seriously and ensure it is handled proactively, consistently, fairly and appropriately, and that any complaints are resolved efficiently and effectively and where possible, to the complainant’s satisfaction.

    Our aim is to:

    • Provide the best possible service
    • Proactively seek feedback from clients and other stakeholders to assess our performance and continually develop and enhance our services
    • Ensure that it is as easy as possible for a client or other stakeholders to provide feedback and/or make a complaint
    • Respond within a stated period of time, professionally, politely and confidentially
    • Acknowledge formal complaints in writing
    • In the case of complaints, investigate and provide an explanation and details of any action we will take to resolve the situation
    • Learn from all feedback received and take action to continually improve our services and enhance our customers experience
    • Comply with the requirements of Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register (CICAIR) and the Building Control Performance Standards

    How to Make a Complaint, Compliment or Comment?

    You can make a complaint, compliment or comment:

    • In person to a member of staff
    • By phoning the Office Manager on 01206 230820
    • In writing by email to or by letter to;

      Tracy Robinson, Associate Director
      The Mill
      Station Road
      CO7 7RS

    Should you provide feedback in person or by phone, we may request that you provide us with the details in writing by email or letter to help us to make any further enquires that may be necessary.

    You are welcome to contact us anonymously; we will take your feedback seriously and will make every effort to make enquiries, however in such cases we will be unable to provide a response.

    For complaints, to properly investigate and/or provide a response if required, we would ask that you provide the following information, if you’re happy to do so:

    • Full contact details (i.e. name, address, telephone number, email address).
    • If applicable, project reference numbers and job description details.
    • Details of the complaint, compliment or comment, including dates and times if applicable.
    • Copies of any supporting evidence such as photographs, documents, witness details etc.
    • Names and contact details for any other parties involved.

    We will respond to complaints within 48 hours of receipt and endeavour to keep you updated at regular intervals until the complaint is resolved.

    As Approved Building Control Inspectors we adhere to the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR) Code of Conduct, therefore if we are unable to resolve your complaint and/or mutually agree an outcome then you can refer your complaint to the CICAIR. For more information about the CICAIR and how to make a complaint to them please visit the CICAIRs website:

    Further information relating to our procedure is available upon request.


    • Definition of a 'complaint'

      Definition of a ‘complaint’ is defined as “An expression of dissatisfaction with Shore’s services which requires a response, which has not been resolved at the point of contact and for which there is no alternative appeal procedure or where the alternative appeal procedure has been exhausted.”

      N.B. The point of contact shall mean the member of staff (i.e. Administrator, Building Control Surveyor or CDM Consultant) who has had conduct of the matter which is the subject of the complaint, or a supervisor.

    • Definition of a 'compliment'

      Definition of a ‘compliment’ is an expression of praise of Shore, our services or a member of our staff where we have provided satisfaction or have exceeded expectations.

    • Definition of a 'comment'

      Definition of a ‘comment’ is a suggestion about our services and potential changes and/or improvements that are not complaints or compliments.

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