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Building Regulation Application Form

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Location of building to which work relates
Proposed work

Client’s details (i.e. applicant)

Agent’s details (i.e. Architect/Project Manager/Contractor)
If “Agent details” completed:

(If there is a new sewer connection or where the proposal is within 3m of a public sewer a plan must be provided clearly showing the position of the public sewer and where applicable the position of the new sewer connection). (If there is contaminated land within 250m of the site an environmental report will need to be provided).

(1) New dwellings ONLY (Not including dwellings formed by a material change of use)
Access to and use of buildings (If applicable reference should be made to Approved Document M Volume 1: Dwellings)
Please indicate the number of dwellings built to each category below, supported by a copy of your planning consent:

(2) New dwellings ONLY (Including dwellings formed by a material change of use)
Water Efficiency The planning consent requires that the maximum water usage per-person per-day is reduced to 110L:

Planning Permission (Relating to items 1 and 2 above ONLY, please tick appropriate box)

Fees (please refer to fees sale or the quote provided)
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